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Version 1.9

Channel Function Ranges

Channel Function Ranges display the subattributes of the selected DMX channel.

The basic functions will be created automatically in the Function Sets after a DMX channel was added.

It is possible to:

channel function ranges.

  • To edit the ranges of the channel function, double-click the cell below a column. The cell is selected and displayed in blue. Type to edit using the keyboard on your PC. 
Channel Function Ranges

The table Channel Function Ranges displays seven columns:

  • 3D Subattributes: Displays the subattributes to the selected DMX channel.
  • DmxFrom: Displays on which DMX value the subattribute starts.
  • DmxTo: Displays on which DMX value the subattribute ends.
  • EncFrom: Displays the start entry of subattributes.
  • EncTo: Displays the end entry of subattributes. 
  • PhysFrom: Displays the start of the physical range used by the 3D. 
  • PhysTo: Displays the end of the physical range used by the 3D. 


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