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Version 1.0


Be careful when moving or lifting the grandMA3 xPort Nodes, otherwise you may injure your back or other parts of your body.
  • The grandMA3 xPort Nodes must be protected from environmental factors such as physical shocks and vibration during transportation;
  • Remove all cables before transport;
  • The user is responsible for securely fastening the products for transport and for following the manufacturerĀ“s safety instructions when transporting the device;
    Noncompliance of the safety instructions can result in personal injury or material damage;
  • Do not place the grandMA3 xPort Nodes on unstable surfaces;
  • Do not place any objects on top of the grandMA3 xPort Nodes.
-Pay attention to temperature and humidity during transport. For more information see Limitations.
-After the transport check the device.
-If the device or its display is damaged (dented, bent or broken), do not connect the grandMA3 xPort Node to power!

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