• grandMA3 User Manual
  • grandMA3 Quick Start Guide
  • grandMA3 Quick Manual consoles
  • grandMA3 Quick Manual processing units
  • grandMA3 Quick Manual Nodes
  • grandMA3 Quick Manual Nodes DIN-Rail
  • grandMA3 Quick Manual onPC command wing XT
    • Intended Use
    • Safety
    • Support
    • Transport
    • Limitations
    • Quick Start
    • Maintenance
    • Disposal
    • Technical Data
    • Hardware-related Instances
    • Conformity
  • grandMA3 Quick Manual onPC command wing
  • grandMA3 Quick Manual onPC fader wing
  • grandMA3 Quick Manual onPC rack-unit
  • grandMA3 Quick Manual viz-key
  • grandMA3 Quick Manual I/O Nodes
  • Release Notes
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Version 1.9


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Help Pages

The help pages are included in every software installer package and are automatically loaded into the software. To access and read the help pages, press Help + Please. The help pop-up opens on the main screen.

To jump directly into a special help topic, use the context-sensitive help:

  • Press and hold Help and tap the desired user interface element (UI element) to open the corresponding help topic.
  • Tap question_mark in the control bar and tap a UI element to open the corresponding help topic.

Online Manuals

All MA product-related manuals are available as online versions. Just select your MA product and click on the respective link. All further documents can be found in our download area. Go to https://www.malighting.com/training-support/online-manuals.

Video Tutorials

Get tips and tricks from our MA experts on your MA product.

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Fixture Shares

In our MA Fixture Share you will find a comprehensive database of different fixture types for grandMA3, grandMA2, and dot2. You can also find the grandMA2 GDTF Converter there. Simply upload the GDTF file and it will be converted into a grandMA2 Fixture Profile.

The GTDF Share contains a comprehensive library of all available GDTF files with all relevant modes and firmware versions. Like the MA Fixture Share, this database is continuously updated.

For more information see: https://www.malighting.com/training-support/fixture-shares

Local Support

If you have a question regarding your MA Lighting product, please first of all contact your local MA product specialists.

Central Support

If you are in need of further assistance or manufacturer support, please fill out an email request on www.malighting.com in Training and Support. Your request will automatically be sent to support@malighting.com (in English or German). This email service is monitored during MA Lighting's regular business hours in Germany from 8.30 am until 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

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In any case of a show critical emergency please contact the MA Lighting support hotline.

Phone +49 5251 68 88 65 99

Please note that this 24/7 hotline is strictly for emergency cases.

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MA Lighting Technology has registered multiple patents, trademarks, design patents, and utility models for its products.
We will take legal action against the violation of this intellectual property.

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