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Version 1.8

Quick Start

grandMA3 onPC command wing front panel
  1. Master area
  2. Dual encoder section
  3. Command area
  4. Level wheel
  5. Executor buttons 101-190 + 201-290
  6. Executor faders 201-290
  7. Executor buttons 301-390 + 401-490
  8. Executor knobs 301-390 + 401-490

For more information about executors, see Executor elements.

grandMA3 onPC command wing rear panel
  1. DMX A, B, C
  2. MIDI In+Out
  3. DC Remote Control
  4. LTC
  5. USB
  6. Power switch
  7. IEC connector
  8. Desk light
  9. Kensington lock

Turn on the grandMA3 onPC command wing

  1. Unpack the device.
  2. Remove the packaging and cushioning material. 
  3. Place the device indoors on a stable surface. 
  4. Download the grandMA3 onPC software on www.malighting.com
  5. Install the software on your PC or laptop. For minimum requirements see System Requirements grandMA3 in the grandMA3 user manual. 
  6. Connect the grandMA3 onPC command wing with your PC or laptop using a USB cable.
  7. Start the grandMA3 console or grandMA3 onPC software. 
  8. Insert the power connector into the corresponding jack.
  9. Connect the power plug with the mains.
  10. Turn on the power switch on the rear panel.
    The device starts booting. 

To turn off the grandMA3 onPC command wing set the power switch to position O

-Show data is only saved in the grandMA3 onPC software.
-For updates use the grandMA3 onPC software.
You can disconnect the grandMA3 onPC command wing using the grandMA3 onPC software. The DMX output will then be interrupted immediately. 

Different Combinations

Device Connected To Parameters
grandMA3 onPC command wing + PC/laptop 4 096
grandMA3 onPC command wing + PC/laptop + grandMA3 onPC 8/4/2Port Node 4 096
grandMA3 onPC command wing + PC/laptop + grandMA3 processing unit M/L/XL 4 096
Independent of the devices connected to the grandMA3 onPC software, the number of parameters can only reach a maximum of 4 096.

For more information see: Expand the Amount of Parameters topic.

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