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Version 1.0


The grandMA3 consoles only require minor attention.
All repair and service work has to be exclusively performed by qualified service technicians as live parts may be exposed when opening and / or removing coverings. Touching live parts may cause electric shock. 
The grandMA3 full-size, the grandMA3 light, and their CRV versions have an air intake filter on the back. 
Do not wash the filter.
Clean it using a vacuum cleaner only.
The intervals between maintenance may differ depending on the frequency of transport and the operational environment. 
  • Disconnect power supply before cleaning; 
  • Clean the surface using dry cloth only; 
  • Clean the wrist rest using a damp cloth only; 
  • Do not use liquid cleanser or compressed air; 
  • Do not use solvent; 
  • Check if the ventilation holes are blocked; 
  • Depending on the environment, we recommend to professionally clean the device once a year.


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