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Version 1.0

Quick Start

 grandMA3 connectors

grandMA3 full-size rear panel
To display the rear panel connectors on the letterbox screens, type:
Menu "Connectorview"

1. Desk light

2. powerCON TRUE1

3. Power switch

4.-10. DMX

11. DisplayPort 4

12. MIDI In

13. MIDI Out

14. DisplayPort 5

15. LTC / SMPTE In

16. USB 3.0

17. Audio Remote In

18. DC Remote In

19. S/PDIF In

20. Ethernet 1

21. Ethernet 2

22. Ethernet 3

23. S/PDIF Out

24. 3x USB 2.0

Turn on the console

  1. Unpack the device.
  2. Remove the packaging, cushioning material, and the dust cover. 
  3. Place the device indoors on a stable surface.
  4. Connect external monitors to the console using a native DisplayPort connector. 
    Start the grandMA3 console:
    -Insert powerCON TRUE1 into the corresponding jack. 
    -Connect the main power plug.
    -Turn on the power switch:
    -Set it to position I
    -The power switch lights up in red.
    -Press the power key on the front panel. 
    -The device starts booting.
    -The Mode Selection dialog appears.
Select mode

-Tap to select a mode.


Turn off the console

To turn off the grandMA3 console:
-Press the power key on the front panel.
-A warning pop-up appears.

Shut down the grandMA3 console

-Tap OK.
-The grandMA3 console powers down.
-Set the power switch to position O


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