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Version 3.9

Screen 2

Table of contents of this topic

grandMA3 full-size

Screen 2 corresponds to screen 3 on a grandMA2 console. 

Screen layout of screen 2
  1. Macro Buttons – allow fast access on the grandMA3 console. 
  2. Channel Page (+/-) – tap to execute the ChannelPage Keyword. 
    Fader Page (+/-) – tap to execute the FaderPage Keyword. 
    Button Page (+/-) – tap to execute the ButtonPage Keyword. 
It is possible to disable the macro buttons on screen 2 and 3. For more information see Setup
It is possible to execute FaderPage and ButtonPage in Mode2 using buttons of the grandMA3 console:
-To execute the FaderPage keyword, press Pg+ or Pg-
-To execute the ButtonPage keyword, press and hold ma and press Pg+ or Pg-


  • The upper section of the screen stays the same.

User-Defined Area

View Buttons

For more information on the upper screen see Screen Layout – Screen 3


grandMA3 compact XT

In comparison with a grandMA3 full-size, some buttons and bars are relocated on screen 2 of a grandMA3 compact XT.

Screen 2 of grandMA3 compact XT
  1. Macro Buttons
  2. Channel Page (+/-) 
    Fader Page (+/-)
    Button Page (+/-)
  3. Mini Executor Bar

The fields 1 to 3 have the same functions as described in screen layout of a grandMA3 full-size

For more information on the upper section of the screen see Screen Layout – Screen 3. 

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