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Version 3.7

Update grandMA3 xPort Nodes

 It is possible to run grandMA3 nodes using Mode2. 

We recommend formatting with every update.
Whenever formatting, the IP address will be reset back to default (DHCP). 
- The folders EFI, ma, and other data included have to be directly accessible on the flash drive and must not be located in an extra folder.
- The USB flash driveĀ“s data system has to be FAT32. 
-grandMA3 onPC 2Port Node 2k outputs 1,024 parameters 
-grandMA3 onPC 4Port 4k and 8Port Node 4k outputs 2,048 parameters
when run in Mode2. 


  • Download the grandMA3 software on www.malighting.com 
  • Extract the entire data from the zip.file and copy it onto a USB flash drive. 
  1. Insert the USB flash drive.
  2. Power up the grandMA3 xPort Node.
  3. Update notification appears.
Update notification
  1.  Press the rotary knob.

  • In case of a corrupted installer package, this notification appears:
Corrupted installer package
  • To troubleshoot, rewrite the USB flash drive.

  1.  Formatting notification appears showing a progress bar. 
Format hard drive
  1. Press the rotary knob before the progress bar completes.
  2. The grandMA3 xPort Node starts to update.
grandMA3 xPort Node is updating

  • In case of an update error, contact the technical support.
Update error

For the contact details see the footer of this website. 

  1. Once the update has been completed, a notification appears. 
Update completed
  1.  Remove the USB flash drive.
  2. The display goes white.
  3. The grandMA3 xPort Node starts to run in Mode2. 
grandMA3 8Port Node running in Mode2


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