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Version 3.9

What is Mode2?

The grandMA3 Mode2 is used to run the grandMA2 software on a grandMA3 console.

As the grandMA3 console has a different physical layout compared to the grandMA2, the display of windows and bars, and pool objects also differs in Mode2.

The grandMA3 full-size (CRV), the light (CRV), the compact XT, the compact, the replay unit, the processing unit, and the xPort nodes feature Mode2, which runs the native grandMA2 software version 3.4 and later.

Some of the sections and buttons of the grandMA3 console are not assigned in Mode2. 
These are:
- Executor knobs in the executor section.
- Upper and lower encoders along with the upper and lower encoder buttons 1 to 3 in the custom section.
-Master knobs 1 to 2 and master buttons 1 to 2 in the master section.
-In grandMA3 CRV versions always connect the screens subsequently starting with DisplayPort 1.
-In grandMA3 CRV versions use at least one Full HD display and a touch display or a mouse.
-All displays have to have a Full HD resolution of 1 920 x 1 080.
The grandMA2 area of the grandMA3 consoles can also be accessed using SFTP.  Please use data as both username and password to access this part. For more information on SFTP, see SFTP Connection to a Console in grandMA3 User Manual.

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