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Version 3.9

grandMA3 Settings

If you run the grandMA3 console in Mode2, the Setup displays grandMA3 Settings in User

  1. To open the Setup, tap Setup on screen 1. 
    For more information see Screen Layout – Screen 1
  2. In the column User tap grandMA3 Settings
  3. grandMA3 settings open. 

  1. To disable additional Macro Buttons displayed in screen 2 and 3, tap Additional Macro Buttons.
  2. To set the start of the Macro Buttons, tap Offset of Macro Buttons.
    - The calculator opens.
    - Type the number with which the Macro Buttons will start.
  3. To enable or disable the macro button area to follow the executor settings of the current surface or not, tap Macro Buttons follow Surface.
  4. To disable the backlight of the faders, tap Fader Backlight.
  5. To disable the graying out of the x-keys X5, X6, X15 and X16, tap Grayed out X-Button Dialogs.
The encoder bar influences the back light color of the first four dual encoders. Dual encoder 5 is always white. 
  1. To disable the wheel and button function, tap Enable Program Time/Exec Time Hardware Block

The grandMA3 settings are made.

- Adjust the intensity of faders, executor knobs, and dual encoders in Console - Desk Lights - Intensity Exec LED.
  • To desk lock the Mode2 console, press MA + MA + Pause.

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