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Version 3.9

Change Modes

Change from Mode2 to grandMA3 on Consoles

To change from Mode2 to grandMA3:

  1. Restart the console by using the Restart Keyword. A pop-up opens:
Restart pop-up
  1. Confirm the pop-up. The Mode2 application closes and the console restarts.
  2. The Mode Selection pop-up appears. Tap 3.
Mode Selection Dialog

SwitchTograndMA3Software Keyword

Requirements: A grandMA3 station running in Mode2.

Reboot Processing Unit from Mode2 to grandMA3

To change the application for the processing unit:

  1. Tap Reboot on the left side of the processing unit main screen. A pop-up opens.
Processing Unit
  1. Tap Yes. The processing unit reboots.

  1.  Continue as described in Change from Mode2 to grandMA3 on Consoles.

xPort Node from Mode2 to grandMA3

  • To change the xPort Node from Mode2 to grandMA3, follow these instructions:

Mode2 screen:

  • To switch to grandMA3, press and hold the rotary knob. The display cycles through the following screens:

  • Release the rotary knob at the following screen:

  • Press the rotary knob to confirm.

The xPort Node reboots into grandMA3 mode.

For more information about changing from grandMA3 mode to Mode2, read the topic Control other MA devices in the grandMA3 User Manual.

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