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Version 1.9


Table of contents of this topic

Login to MA Fixture Share using your user name or e-mail. 

If you do not have a registered user login, please register first.

There are two green input fields in the top right corner of the first page on http://fixtureshare.malighting.com.

Enter user name and password and then click the Login button.

Login form
When logged in it is possible to edit the user name and password - read about it in the User Creation and Editing topic.

Forgot password

If you forgot your password, click Forgot password?.

This opens a new page:

New password page
  1. Enter the email address and the CAPTCHA code.
  2. Click Get new password.

You will receive an email with a link. Follow this link within 7 days.

It directs you to a page where you can change your password. 

  1. Enter the new password. 
  2. Click Set new password.

A confirmation pop-up appears and you can login using the new password.

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