• MA Network Switch
    • Introduction
      • Intended Use
      • Dangers caused by Electric Current
      • General Safety Instructions
      • System Requirements
      • SFP Transceiver Compatibility
    • Device Overview
      • Front Panel
      • Rear Panel
      • LED Indicators
      • Factory Defaults
    • First Steps
      • Unpack the Device
      • Install Mini-GBIC (SFP)
      • Installation in a Rack
      • Connect the Hardware
      • Set the IP Address on the PC
      • Access the Web Interface
    • Display Navigation
      • Groups View
      • Name View
      • Workload View
      • LAG View
      • Reset View
    • Ports / Groups
      • Change Port Description
      • Assign Groups to Ports
      • Edit LAGs
      • Edit RSTP
      • Edit Speed Setting
      • Change Group Name
      • Edit IGMP Snooping
      • Edit IGMP Querier
      • Edit Unknown Flooding
      • Change VLAN ID
    • Presets / Filters
      • Assign Presets to Ports
      • Apply Filters to Ports
      • Create New Presets
      • Update Presets
      • Create New Filter
      • View Filters
      • Delete Presets
      • Delete Filter
    • General Settings
      • Change Name
      • Change ID
      • Change DHCP Client
      • Change IP Address
      • Change Subnet Mask
      • Change Default Gateway
      • Change SNMP Status
      • Change Password
      • Update Firmware
      • Fallback to Backup Firmware
      • Get Switch Configuration
      • Edit Port Mirroring
      • Upload Switch Configuration
      • Reset Settings
      • Web Interface and grandMA2
    • Specifications
    • Support
    • Glossary
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Version 3.9


Access the Help

To access the help, click at the bottom right corner in the web interface,

  • with no internet access, click Help (PDF). The help pdf opens.
  • with internet access, click Online help. The online help opens.

MA System Specialist Training

To become a MA System Specialist visit the MA University.

The MA System Specialist Training gives you information about complex networking constructions e.g. with lighting panels, specifics of the MA system, or specifics of networks in the lighting world, see the MA System Specialist Training.

Technical Service and Support

MA Lighting and its extensive distributor network offer an unparalleled technical service. Call on our expertise for help with any problem, no matter if it is regarding operation, software features, software installations or trouble shooting.

Please send an e-mail (in English or German) to tech.support(at)malighting.com with your contact details and subject information. This e-mail service is monitored during MA Lighting's regular business hours in Germany from 8.30 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

For emergency services please contact your local MA distributor or the MA Lighting Service Hotline. Call: +49.5251.688865-99.
Please note, this 24/7 hotline is strictly for emergency cases – for people being in trouble out in the field.

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