• MA Network Switch
    • Introduction
      • Intended Use
      • Dangers caused by Electric Current
      • General Safety Instructions
      • System Requirements
      • SFP Transceiver Compatibility
    • Device Overview
      • Front Panel
      • Rear Panel
      • LED Indicators
      • Factory Defaults
    • First Steps
      • Unpack the Device
      • Install Mini-GBIC (SFP)
      • Installation in a Rack
      • Connect the Hardware
      • Set the IP Address on the PC
      • Access the Web Interface
    • Display Navigation
      • Groups View
      • Name View
      • Workload View
      • LAG View
      • Reset View
    • Ports / Groups
      • Change Port Description
      • Assign Groups to Ports
      • Edit LAGs
      • Edit RSTP
      • Edit Speed Setting
      • Change Group Name
      • Edit IGMP Snooping
      • Edit IGMP Querier
      • Edit Unknown Flooding
      • Change VLAN ID
    • Presets / Filters
      • Assign Presets to Ports
      • Apply Filters to Ports
      • Create New Presets
      • Update Presets
      • Create New Filter
      • View Filters
      • Delete Presets
      • Delete Filter
    • General Settings
      • Change Name
      • Change ID
      • Change DHCP Client
      • Change IP Address
      • Change Subnet Mask
      • Change Default Gateway
      • Change SNMP Status
      • Change Password
      • Update Firmware
      • Fallback to Backup Firmware
      • Get Switch Configuration
      • Edit Port Mirroring
      • Upload Switch Configuration
      • Reset Settings
      • Web Interface and grandMA2
    • Specifications
    • Support
    • Glossary
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Version 3.9

Create New Presets

You can create up to 24 new presets additional to the 7 predefined presets.

If you need more customized presets than 24, you can delete the 7 predefined presets and create in total 31 customized presets.

A created preset contains the applied filters. If you use the same filter assignment frequently, you should save the filter assignment as a preset.

Requirement: Applied Filters to Ports.

The new preset will be applied for the selected port after saving.
  1. Click at the end of the filter list Save as preset.

    Figure 1: Extended Mode - Save as Preset
  2. The save presets pop-up opens.

    Figure 2: Save Presets
  3. Enter a name for the new preset, e.g. Telnet All.
  4. Click Create preset.

The new preset is created and applied for the selected port. The new preset is saved in the startup configuration.A filter icon is visible right beside the group name on the front end display.

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