• dot2 User Manual
  • dot2 Quick Start Guide
  • dot2 3D
    • Install and Uninstall
      • System Requirements
      • Installation
      • Uninstall dot2 3D
    • First Steps
      • Hardware Connection
      • Create session and connect 3D
    • Data Management
      • Master/Slave
      • Coordinate system
    • Program Surface
      • Menu Bar
        • File Menu
          • File - Settings
        • Edit
        • Functions
        • Tools
        • View
        • Help
      • Tool Bar
      • Main Windows
        • Stage View
        • Mouse + Keyboard Actions
        • Arrangement of Objects (Align Objects)
        • Duplicate (copy 3D Objects)
        • 3D Objects
      • Assets (Information Window)
      • Properties
      • Media Database
      • Materials
      • Video Player
      • Moving Paths
      • Sessions
      • Status Bar
      • Window Layout
    • Fixture Types
    • 3D Modeling and Import
      • 3D Models Principles
      • Parameters
        • Axes
        • Rotation Axes
        • Linear Axes
        • Beam of Light
        • Automated Import
        • Assigning of Models to Fixture Types
        • Checklist for 3D Modeling
        • Creation of a 3D Model
    • Keyboard Shortcuts
    • dot2 3D FAQ
  • dot2 Release Notes
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Version 1.9


The view menu in detail.

Fullscreen Opens the stage view in full screen.
. .
Open New Stage View Opens a new Stage view. Refer to, Stage View.
. .
Assets Window Opens the Assets window. Refer to, Assets Window.
. .
3D Objects Window Opens the 3D Objects view. Refer to, 3D Objects View.
. .
Materials Window Opens the Materials window. Refer to, Materials Window.
. .
Video Player Opens the Video Player view. You can map video files instead of textures on surfaces and control this files via the video  player window.
. .
Media Database Window Opens the Media Database window. Refer to, Media Database Window.
. .
Cameras The following options are available.
. The cameras/views are added in the stage view and gives you a view on the stage from the added camera/view position.
  - Add Front Camera
  - Add Front/Left Camera
  - Add Left Camera
  - Add Back/Left Camera
. - Add Back Camera
. - Add Back/Right Camera
. - Add Right Camera
. - Add Front/Right Camera
. - Add Top Camera
. - Add Front View (2D)
. - Add Side View (2D)
. - Add Top View (2D)
. - Add at Current Position. Adds a further camera at the current positon. Double check in the Assets Window.
. - Use Selected. Uses the selected camera from the Assets Window.
  - Cameras Visible. Displays the cameras in the stage view as direction arrows.
. - Camera Spanning. Spans the cameras in stage view. This makes sense if you use more than one screen in the fullscreen mode.
  - Cameras Window. Opens the Cameras Window.
. .
Properties Window Opens the Properties windows. Refer to, Properties Window.
. .
Sessions Window Opens the Sessions window. Refer to, Create a Session.
. .
Screenshots Opens the Screenshots window.
. .
Commandline Window Opens the Commandline Window.
. .
Debug Window Opens the Debug 3D Window (system monitor).
. .
Render Info Turns the render information in the stage view on or off.
. .
Help Elements Visible Turns the X,Y,Z axis in the stage view on or off.
. .
Window Layout The following options are available: Refer to, Window Layout Arrangement.
  - Load Window Layout. Opens the windows explorer to load a saved window layout.
  - Save Window Layout. Opens the windows explorer to save the current window layout.
  - Reset Window Layout. Resets the window layout to default.
. .
Optimize Columns Sets the columns in the 3D Objects grid to optimal size.
. .
Units The following options are available: This affects the Properties Window.
  - Size as Dimension. Sizes are displayed in physical units, e.g. meter and inch.
  - Size as Scaling Factor. Sizes in the are scaled in % of the original size.
. .
Lock Locks the Properties Window.
. .
Go To The following options are available:
  - Previous Selection. Selects the previous selection.
  - Next Selection. Selects the next selection.


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