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  • MA 3D
    • Help from MA technical support
    • Symbols used
    • Introduction
    • Install and Uninstall
      • System Requirements
      • Installation
      • Uninstall MA 3D
    • First Steps
      • Hardware connection
      • Start MA 3D
      • Create a Session
    • Data Management
      • Master/Slave
      • Coordinate system
    • Program Surface
      • Menu Bar
        • Menu Bar - File Menu
        • Settings
        • Edit
        • Functions
        • Tools
        • View
        • Help
      • Tool Bar
      • Main Windows
        • Stage View
        • Mouse + Keyboard Actions
        • Arrangement of Objects (Align Objects)
        • Duplicate (copy 3D Objects)
        • 3D Objects
      • Assets (Information Window)
      • Properties
      • Media Database
      • Materials
      • Video Player
      • Moving Paths
      • Sessions
      • Status Bar
      • Windows Layout
    • Fixture Types
    • 3D Modeling and Import
      • Workflow
      • 3D Modeling Principles
      • Creation of a 3D Model
      • Creation of a 3D Fixture Model
      • Import 3D Model to MA 3D
      • Assigning of 3D Models to Fixture Types
      • Checklist for 3D Modeling
      • Automated import
      • Parameters
        • Axes
        • Rotation Axes
        • Linear Axes
        • Beam of Light (Cone)
    • Keyboard Shortcuts
    • MA 3D FAQ
  • MA VPU
  • Release Notes
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Version 3.9

Uninstall MA 3D

The following topic describes how to uninstall MA 3D.

With the uninstall.exe you remove the MA 3D from your computer. 

All created directories and program data in the start menu will be removed. 

All files stored by you and which are not part of the installation file, especially the show files, will be kept in the folder program data. This folder is hidden by default from Windows®.

  1. Click the Start button, click All Programs, click MA Lighting, click MA 3D v.x.x.x.x, and click Uninstall MA 3D v.x.x.x.x.
    If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
    A pop-up asks, if you really want to uninstall MA 3D.
  2. Click Yes.
    A pop-up confirms that MA 3D v.x.x.x.x is uninstalled.
  3. Click OK.

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