• grandMA2 User Manual
  • grandMA2 Quick Start Guide
  • MA 3D
    • Help from MA technical support
    • Symbols used
    • Introduction
    • Install and Uninstall
      • System Requirements
      • Installation
      • Uninstall MA 3D
    • First Steps
      • Hardware connection
      • Start MA 3D
      • Create a Session
    • Data Management
      • Master/Slave
      • Coordinate system
    • Program Surface
      • Menu Bar
        • Menu Bar - File Menu
        • Settings
        • Edit
        • Functions
        • Tools
        • View
        • Help
      • Tool Bar
      • Main Windows
        • Stage View
        • Mouse + Keyboard Actions
        • Arrangement of Objects (Align Objects)
        • Duplicate (copy 3D Objects)
        • 3D Objects
      • Assets (Information Window)
      • Properties
      • Media Database
      • Materials
      • Video Player
      • Moving Paths
      • Sessions
      • Status Bar
      • Windows Layout
    • Fixture Types
    • 3D Modeling and Import
      • Workflow
      • 3D Modeling Principles
      • Creation of a 3D Model
      • Creation of a 3D Fixture Model
      • Import 3D Model to MA 3D
      • Assigning of 3D Models to Fixture Types
      • Checklist for 3D Modeling
      • Automated import
      • Parameters
        • Axes
        • Rotation Axes
        • Linear Axes
        • Beam of Light (Cone)
    • Keyboard Shortcuts
    • MA 3D FAQ
  • MA VPU
  • Release Notes
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Version 3.3

Start MA 3D

Table of contents of this topic

After installation start the MA 3D. 

The installation process creates a desktop link called MA 3D v.x.x.x.x .

To start the MA 3D, double click on the desktop link.

Additional it creates a folder in the start menu (Start - Programs - MA Lighting).

To start the MA 3D from the start menu, click on MA 3D v.x.x.x.x .

Open an existing showfile in MA 3D

If you are in a session with a grandMA2 console/onPC there is no need to open showfiles via the MA 3D.
Open the showfile directly in the Backup Menu of the grandMA2 console/onPC.
  1. Open the Load Show Window "File - Load Show".
    Showfiles saved in an older version of MA 3D can always be opened in a newer version.
    Showfiles saved in a newer version of MA 3D cannot opened in an older version.
  2. Select a showfile and click OK.
    You opened an existing showfile. 
It is not possible to start a session from MA 3D and transfer the showfile to the desk.
This is only possible if a session with the desk or onPC is already running.

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