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Version 3.9

Automated Import

Meta data of a 3D model can be left appropriately for the import. Later editing with the import tool is not required. 

The placeholder [file] stands for the filename (without extension) that has to be imported. For example if the file 'test.3ds’ has to be imported, '[file] stands for 'test': 

File  Description
_global.import.xml Global import setting valid for the complete directory. Structure like [file].import.xml. 
[file].import.xml XML file with meta data for the model. If this file does not exist, it will be created automatically to store the model key. 
[file].import.png Preview image of the model. Size is 32x32 pixel (32 Bit RGBA).
Will be created if it does not exist.
Note: If you use “%o.png” instead of the file name the .png file is generated with the right name.
If no preview image exists, the import tool tries to create it.
It searches in the given order on the side.
The image should be exempted via alpha channel.
Borders are cut automatically when the thumbnails are created.


Example for an '*.import.xml’ file:

<?xml version="1.0"?> 
<GrandMA3DImportSettings xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns="http://schemas.malighting.de/GrandMA3D/GrandMA3DImportSettings/1.0"> 
     <Name>Generic - Head Mover</Name> 
     <Category>Fixtures/Head Mover</Category> 
     <ModelManufacturer>MA Lighting</ModelManufacturer> 
     <Description>Default Head Mover Model</Description> 
This file is created once the import is initiated.
If the file already exists, the importer uses the data from this file to fill out the fields like <Category>Fixtures/Head Mover</Category>.
So, these entries need not to be done twice if the model is corrected and imported again.


Overview of possible fields

Field Description 
Name Name of the model'/filename' will be replaced with the filename of the import file (without extension)
Category Category in the 'Media Database’ Sub categories can be separated with a '/’.e.g. 'Fixtures/Head Mover’ 
ModelKey see Assigning of Models to Fixture Types
DeviceManufacturer see Assigning of Models to Fixture Types
DeviceName see Assigning of Models to Fixture Types

see Assigning of Models to Fixture Types
Possible values:

  • None
  • Mirror
  • Headmover
  • Conventional
  • LED
  • MovingPath 
ModelPriority see Assigning of Models to Fixture Types
ModelManufacturer  Designer of the model.
Description Short description. 
Scale Object will be scaled by this factor. 
Move Moves the object after the import.
Possible values:
  • None: No movement
  • MoveBottomToZ0: Model is placed on XY plane Z = 0​
  • MoveCenterToZ0: Center of the object is placed to Z = 0 
AmbientFlare Clarification grade of the fixture environment.

Possible values:


  • true: sets both sides of all planes to visible
  • false: (default setting) only the sides with the normals are visible

Can be set to true if the normals are not set correctly.
Note: This will let to performance penalties because there will be created unnecessary faces/vertices.


Fields that are not used can be omitted.

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