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      • Assigning of 3D Models to Fixture Types
      • Checklist for 3D Modeling
      • Automated import
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        • Rotation Axes
        • Linear Axes
        • Beam of Light (Cone)
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Version 3.9

3D Models Principles

The import tool does not subsequently edit the 3D model. The imported 3D model must contain all information. 

To avoid determination on a specific modeling tool, choose the '3DS’ file format. This format can be exported by most applications. 

All parameters can be referred to using the names of the simple objects. 

Important Restrictions for 3D Objects: 

  • Names of objects max. 8 characters (incl. parameters) 
  • No special characters allowed 
  • Names must be unique - each object must have a unique name
Note that some modeling applications shorten names while exporting to 3DS. The name must stay unique after the export.
  • All objects must consist of triangles
    (e.g., Cinema 4D 'Functions - Make Editable’ & 'Functions - Triangulate’) 
  • Only one material can be assigned to an object 
  • Only one texture can be assigned to a material

Follow these limitations even if you could use other file formats in the future. Furthermore, 3D objects should consist of as few triangles as possible. Curves can be pictured realistically using small triangles if the normal simulates this (Cinema 4D: 'Phong Tag’).

The max. angle for curves is set to 89.5° in Cinema 4D (in 3DS).

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