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Version 1.9

Release Notes MA Vectorworks Spotlight Plugin

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Release Notes

MA Vectorworks Spotlight Plugin

What's Changed

  • v2.7
    • ​Fixed the wrong direction of the Y rotation when exporting with Vectorworks 2020 or later.
  • v2.6
    • Added the possibility to recognize absolute DMX addresses and handle them correctly during export.
    • Added new Vectorworks fields 'GDTF Fixture Name', 'Absolute Address', 'Universe/Address' and 'DMX Address'.
    • The field names that were renamed by Vectorworks in the German version are now having the same names in the plugin.
  • v2.5
    • Added source field selection for fixture name and fixture info.
    • Added export of focus points to grandMA2 XYZ presets.
    • Added support of the Vectorworks 2017 feature “3D Z rotation”.
  • v2.3
    • Fixed the not working Load Settings in the German version of Vectorworks.
  • v2.2
    • Changed the default FixtureType ID to 2.
  • v2.1
    • Moved Address field further up in the dropdown lists.
    • Fixed that the 3D Rotation in the German version of Vectorworks will not be exported.
  • v2.0
    • Changed the field selection to combo boxes only.
    • Added support for VW2015 address field.
    • Added load and save settings.
    • Added selection of arbitrary spotlight fields as sources.
    • Added support for multi break fixtures: Select an additional field for the additional address of multi break fixtures.
    • Fixed that the 'all in single layer' option does not export fixtures.
    • Fixed the bug, where multi patch fixtures are not detected if fixture has Fixture ID and Channel ID.
    • Fixed that exporting only certain fixtures created empty layers for the other fixtures.
  • v1.11
    • Added Check for Multipatch fixtures on different MA Layers including error dialog.
    • Added Multipatch support.
    • Added support for "universe.channel", "universe,channel" and "universe/channel" notation in address field or universe field if address field is empty. For example 2.97 or 2,97 or 2/97.
    • Fixtures are now sorted by fixture ID when exported.
    • Fixed the crash of the export plugin when exporting a Vectorworks drawing without any fixture ID or channel ID.
  • v1.5
    • It is now possible to export all lighting instruments into one single grandMA2 layer. This allows to merge the data into existing grandMA2 show files. Therefore, use the option "All in Single Layer" in the "Create MA Layers from" section.
    • Fixture ID and Channel ID source option 'None'.
    • Fixture type list is split into pages.
    • New export option per Fixture type to export the rotation of a focus point is now available: "Use Focus". A Vectorworks focus point needs to be set for the lighting instrument.
    • Version number of exporter is displayed in title bar and in the info tag of an exported XML file.
    • Error message is displayed if no fixture is in the Vectorworks file.
    • Added a separate selection of Vectorworks data fields for Channel ID and Fixture ID.
    • Non digits are ignored in address and fixture ID fields.
    • GUI localization (English + German).
    • Vectorworks data fields "Dimmer", "Channel" or "Circuit number" can now be used as source for the DMX Address.
    • Default color for Channels/Fixtures without defined color is set to white (#FFFFFF).

Known Limitations

Only single instance fixtures are supported by this plugin.

Workaround for multi instance fixtures:
In order to get the multi instance fixtures to line up properly in grandMA2 Patch and Fixture Schedule, Stage View and MA 3D, multi instance fixtures have to be substituted by single instance fixtures with the same or higher amount of DMX channels in the MA2 fixture schedule. After importing the fixture setup into grandMA2, these substitutes have to be exchanged with the correct multi instance fixture type by swapping fixtures in the Patch and Fixture Schedule.

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