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Table of contents of this topic

A login is needed to be able to access the MA Fixture Share.

If you do not have a registered user login, then please register - it is free.


There are two green input fields in the top right corner of the first page on http://fixtureshare.malighting.com.

Please write the username and password and then click the Login button.


When logged in it is possible to edit the username and password - read about it in the User Creation and Editing topic.


Forgotten password

If you have forgotten the password the click the Forgot Password? link. This opens a new page that looks like this:

New password page

Type the email address and the CAPTCHA code followed by clicking the Get new password button.

Shortly after you get an email with a link. Click the link within 7 days.

It directs to a page where a new password can be typed in both input fields.

Finish by clicking the Set new password button.

A confirmation pop-up appears and now you can login with the new password.

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