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      • Start the program
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    • Fixture Type Information
    • Attributes
      • Mix color attribute table
      • Add DMX channels
      • Delete DMX channels
    • Channel Function Ranges
      • Add channel function ranges
      • Delete channel function ranges
      • Wizard
    • Function Sets
      • Add a function set
      • Delete a function set
    • Export and Import
      • Export fixture
      • Import fixture
    • Release Notes
  • MA Fixture Share
  • MA Vectorworks Spotlight Plugin
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Version 1.9

Function Sets

Function sets display the function of each subattribute and offer quick access to specific functions. 

These function sets are displayed in calculators of grandMA2 and dot2. 


  • Set channel function ranges

For more information see Channel Function Ranges

Function sets

The table Function Sets consists of six columns: 

  • Function Name: Displays the name of the channel function in the console, for example the label in the calculator or in a preset.
  • Dmx From: Displays on which DMX value the subattribute starts.
  • Dmx To: Displays on which DMX value the subattribute ends.
  • Slot: Displays the slot of a wheel if the fixture has a color or a gobo wheel.
  • Auto-Create: Displays if a preset will be generated by the auto create function in the console (grandMA2 only)
  • 3D Subattribte: Displays the corresponding subattribute the function set belongs to. 

It is possible to:



function sets in the corresponding table Function Sets.

  1. To edit function sets, double-click a row in the table Function Sets. 
  2. The window Add Function opens. 
Edit function set
  1. Adjust the settings of the row you clicked.
  2. To save the settings edited, click Save.
  3. The function set is now edited.  


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