• MA Fixture Builder
    • Introduction
    • First Steps
      • System requirements
      • Installation on your computer
      • Start the program
      • Program surface
    • Fixture Type Information
    • Attributes
      • Mix color attribute table
      • Add DMX channels
      • Delete DMX channels
    • Channel Function Ranges
      • Add channel function ranges
      • Delete channel function ranges
      • Wizard
    • Function Sets
      • Add a function set
      • Delete a function set
    • Export and Import
      • Export fixture
      • Import fixture
    • Release Notes
  • MA Fixture Share
  • MA Vectorworks Spotlight Plugin
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Version 1.9


The Attributes display the purpose of each DMX channel. 

It is possible to:

DMX channels in the table Attributes.

  • To edit the attributes, double-click the cell below a column. The cell is selected and is displayed in blue. Type to edit using the keyboard of your PC. 

The table Attributes consists of six columns.

  • Coarse: Displays the coarse 8 bit DMX address.
  • Fine: Displays the fine 16 bit DMX address.
  • Attribute: Displays the fixture attribute.
Start Address:
All attributes share a start patch number after a start address. This allows the creation of fixtures using multiple DMX start addresses. DMX channel 1 is always a start address. If another DMX channel is set to a start address, it is displayed as two horizontal black lines.
  • Break: Displays the DMX start address of a fixture. There are up to four DMX start addresses in a fixture type.
  • Highlight: Displays the highlight value.
  • Default: Displays the default value. 
  • DMX Entry
    Displays values in percent.‚Äč 
    0-255: Displays values in decimal 8 bit. 
    0-65535: Displays values in decimal 16 bit.  


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