• MA Fixture Builder
    • Introduction
    • First Steps
      • System requirements
      • Installation on your computer
      • Start the program
      • Program surface
    • Fixture Type Information
    • Attributes
      • Mix color attribute table
      • Add DMX channels
      • Delete DMX channels
    • Channel Function Ranges
      • Add channel function ranges
      • Delete channel function ranges
      • Wizard
    • Function Sets
      • Add a function set
      • Delete a function set
    • Export and Import
      • Export fixture
      • Import fixture
    • Release Notes
  • MA Fixture Share
  • MA Vectorworks Spotlight Plugin
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Version 1.9

Start the Program

Start the MA Fixture Builder after installation.
To open the MA Fixture Builder, double-click on the desktop icon with the name MA Fixture Builder v.x.x.

A folder called MA Fixture Builder v.x.x. is located in the start menu (Start - All Programs - MA Fixture Builder v.x.x.).

Open and uninstall the MA Fixture Builder in this folder.

  • To open the program, click on MA Fixture Builder v.x.x.
  • To uninstall the program, click on MA Fixture Builder v.x.x remove.


Start MA Fixture Builder


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