• MA Fixture Builder
    • Introduction
    • First Steps
      • System requirements
      • Installation on your computer
      • Start the program
      • Program surface
    • Fixture Type Information
    • Attributes
      • Mix color attribute table
      • Add DMX channels
      • Delete DMX channels
    • Channel Function Ranges
      • Add channel function ranges
      • Delete channel function ranges
      • Wizard
    • Function Sets
      • Add a function set
      • Delete a function set
    • Export and Import
      • Export fixture
      • Import fixture
    • Release Notes
  • MA Fixture Share
  • MA Vectorworks Spotlight Plugin
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Version 1.9

Fixture Type Information

Open the MA Fixture Builder.

Fixture Type Information

The required fixture type information can be found in the fixture type manual.

Fill out the following fields:

  • FixtureType Name
  • Mode
  • Manufacturer
  • Beam Angle

Short Name and Short Manufacturer are automatically generated.
If you would like to change Short Name and Short Manufacturer, type into the input field.

Select the 3D type in the first drop-down called Type.
Choose between:

  • None
  • Headmover
  • Conventional (can also be used for LED spots)
  • Mirror (can also be used for scanners)
  • LED (use for LED tiles only)

Select the beam in the second drop-down called Beam.
Choose between:

  • None
  • Spot
  • Wash
  • Effect
  • Fibre

To set the beam intensity in lumens, type the number into the input field.


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