• MA Network Switch
    • Introduction
      • Intended Use
      • Dangers caused by Electric Current
      • General Safety Instructions
      • System Requirements
      • SFP Transceiver Compatibility
    • Device Overview
      • Front Panel
      • Rear Panel
      • LED Indicators
      • Factory Defaults
    • First Steps
      • Unpack the Device
      • Install Mini-GBIC (SFP)
      • Installation in a Rack
      • Connect the Hardware
      • Set the IP Address on the PC
      • Access the Web Interface
    • Display Navigation
      • Groups View
      • Name View
      • Workload View
      • LAG View
      • Reset View
    • Ports / Groups
      • Change Port Description
      • Assign Groups to Ports
      • Edit LAGs
      • Edit RSTP
      • Edit Speed Setting
      • Change Group Name
      • Edit IGMP Snooping
      • Edit IGMP Querier
      • Edit Unknown Flooding
      • Change VLAN ID
    • Presets / Filters
      • Assign Presets to Ports
      • Apply Filters to Ports
      • Create New Presets
      • Update Presets
      • Create New Filter
      • View Filters
      • Delete Presets
      • Delete Filter
    • General Settings
      • Change Name
      • Change ID
      • Change DHCP Client
      • Change IP Address
      • Change Subnet Mask
      • Change Default Gateway
      • Change SNMP Status
      • Change Password
      • Update Firmware
      • Fallback to Backup Firmware
      • Get Switch Configuration
      • Edit Port Mirroring
      • Upload Switch Configuration
      • Reset Settings
      • Web Interface and grandMA2
    • Specifications
    • Support
    • Glossary
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Version 3.7

Install Mini-GBIC (SFP)

The MA Network Switch comes with up to four SFP cages. These cages accept mini-GBIC transceivers.
Two are at the rear panel, port 9 and 10. Two are inside the MA Switch.

For information on the compatibility see SFP Transceiver Compatibility

To install mini-GBIC transceivers inside the switch at port 11 and port 12, call your local distributor.

Install mini-GBIC at port 9 and 10

1. Remove the mini-GBIC from its protective packaging.

Be aware of the insertion direction.
Port 9 must have the bail wire delatch on the top.
Port 10 must have the bail wire delatch at the bottom.

2. Install the mini-GBIC into the slot 9 or 10 at the rear panel, until the mini-GBIC clicks into place.

For detailed description of your mini-GBIC transceiver, refer to the transceiver manual.

Remove mini-GBIC from port 9 and 10

  1. Open the ball wire delatch to disengage and remove the mini-GBIC transceiver.
  2. Replace the protective plastic cover on the mini-GBIC.

The mini-GIBC is removed from the port.

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