• dot2 User Manual
  • dot2 Quick Start Guide
    • 1 - Introduction
    • 2 - Physical setup and layout
    • 3 - Create a new empty show
    • 4 - Adding and patching dimmers
    • 5 - Controlling dimmers
    • 6 - Fixture view
    • 7 - The programmer
    • 8 - Making and working with groups
    • 9 - Store a cue and play it back
    • 10 - Making more cues in the cue list
    • 11 - Adding LED fixtures
    • 12 - Working with colors
    • 13 - Creating presets
    • 14 - External screen
    • 15 - Adding moving lights
    • 16 - Controlling moving lights
    • 17 - Making more groups and Presets
    • 18 - More about cues and playback
    • 19 - A look at Blind, Preview and DMX tester
    • 20 - Fun with macros
    • 21 - Building chasers
    • 22 - Building dynamic effects
    • 23 - Connect to onPC, 3D, Wings and Nodes
    • 24 - Happy programming
  • dot2 3D
  • dot2 Release Notes
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Version 1.5

Getting Started Guide - Happy programming

Thank you for taking the time to go through the Getting Started Guide.

In this we have touched many of the functions in the MA dot2. There are a lot of details that I didn't write anything about.

But I would urge you to use the manual to find the answers to the questions you might have.

There are a lot of nice resource here.

You can read about all the views & windows. There's also the description of all the commands. Each key is described. 

For more information about the different concepts in the console you can read in the What Are... section and if you are trying to do something specific it might be described in the How to... section.

Don't forget that you can use the Help key together with the keys and the tapping the screens to get fast help on keys and views. 

And finally you can use the online dot2 user forum to ask question. If you are reading this online, then you can use this link to get to forum: http://forum.ma-dot2.com/


You can also find more interesting stuff on our web page: www.malighting.com


Happy programming :-)

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