• dot2 User Manual
  • dot2 Quick Start Guide
    • 1 - Introduction
    • 2 - Physical setup and layout
    • 3 - Create a new empty show
    • 4 - Adding and patching dimmers
    • 5 - Controlling dimmers
    • 6 - Fixture view
    • 7 - The programmer
    • 8 - Making and working with groups
    • 9 - Store a cue and play it back
    • 10 - Making more cues in the cue list
    • 11 - Adding LED fixtures
    • 12 - Working with colors
    • 13 - Creating presets
    • 14 - External screen
    • 15 - Adding moving lights
    • 16 - Controlling moving lights
    • 17 - Making more groups and Presets
    • 18 - More about cues and playback
    • 19 - A look at Blind, Preview and DMX tester
    • 20 - Fun with macros
    • 21 - Building chasers
    • 22 - Building dynamic effects
    • 23 - Connect to onPC, 3D, Wings and Nodes
    • 24 - Happy programming
  • dot2 3D
  • dot2 Release Notes
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Version 1.9

Getting Started Guide - Adding and patching dimmers

So we have a new empty show. We need to add some lights for it to be fun (without it, then console is just a rather expensive paper weight).

We are going to pretend we have a small black box theater and we are going to add some dimmers. We got 12 dimmer to play with. This is our basic plot:

Figure 1: Light Plot - only dimmers.

So let's add those 12 dimmers to the setup in the console (don't worry, we'll add more fun stuff later).

Ignore what your screen says and just press the Setup key. Now turn the rightmost encoder until it says "Select Patch & Fixture Schedule" and then shortly press the encoder.

Notice how the external screen (and screens 3 to 5, if you have them) now shows you the help file for this view. Please ignore it for now - I'm going to tell you what to do and what's what.

Press on the right side of screen 1 where it says Add New Fixtures

This gives you Add New Fixtures window. All the green areas can be adjusted to make sure we add the correct fixtures.

There are already a generic dimmer fixture selected in the 'Type' (don't worry about the number "2" and the "00" part of the name).

We need to change the quantity to 12. The best way to do this is by turning the second encoder from the left until it says "Quantity 12".

We want to have a Fixture ID that begins with number 1 and the name can be changed later (so can the rest by the way). We are also happy with patching them to universe 1 and from the first address and forward. It should look like this when we are gone with our adjustment:

Figure 2: The dimmer settings.

OK, we are happy. Press the OK in the upper right corner.

This will now displays the Fixture Setup view (and now with fixtures in it). You can use the rightmost encoder to scroll through the list. If you done it right, then you'll have 12 dimmers with ID numbers '1' to '12' and patched from address '1.001' to '1.012'.

Now press the upper right corner again - this time it says Done.

You are now asked to confirm that you are leaving the patch and fixture schedule and you are asked what should happen. We want to press where it says Apply All Changes.

That's it, we have added 12 dimmers to our show - please save your show. In the next chapter we are going to look at ways to control these dimmers.

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